Dermatologist Los Angeles

“Top Celeb Skin Pro”
Glamour Magazine April 2011

“Dr. Zaks (is a) “Top Dermatologist”. Practice is known for “innovative treatments for Acne, Aging and Rosacea are administered with good old-fashioned attention..”
Angeleno Magazine

“Buzzed about beauty destination..known for Botox and Laser Therapy”
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“He is a fantastic doctor. When I moved to L.A., I did a great deal of research to find someone that I could not only trust due to competency and experience, but someone who had the ability to maintain the integrity of my appearance. I’ve been utilizing his expertise for almost a year now and could not be more pleased.”
Leigh M., Review on Zocdoc.com

Kevin T., Review on Zocdoc.com

“The office manager was personable, friendly and warm. There was barely any wait. The Doctor was responsive and explained everything carefully and was very professional.”
Patient, Review on Zocdoc.com

“Great! Staff was friendly. Addressed my needs appropriately and with consideration.”
Patient, Review on Zocdoc.com

“He was very sweet and didn’t rush me. Patiently waited until all of my questions had been answered and gave me unbiased opinions on what was best for my situation.”
Colleen B., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Great dermatologist – I highly recommend him.”
Keith W., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Excellent doctor! Dr. Zaks took the time to listen to me, AND he payed attention to what I wanted.”
Tanya K., Review on Zocdoc.com

“He is a caring doctor.”
Brian D., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Fantastic, extremely cool and has taken me in no appointment straight off the street.”
Steven P., Review on Zocdoc.com

“He was very attentive.”
Gabriela S., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Dr. Zaks was easy to talk to and very informative. I’d recommend him to my friends.”
Linda C., Review on Zocdoc.com

“It was a excellent friendly experience. Awesome atmosphere.
Jamaar N., Review on Zocdoc.com

Jehan A., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Great bedside manner. Extremely knowledgeable. Very cordial.”
Tony M., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Great Doctor, thorough, knowledgeable, kind and easy to talk to. Great appointment I would highly recommend him!”
Jack G., Review on Zocdoc.com

“I found Dr. Zaks. To be very professional and caring.”
Kendra B., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Very professional, informative, and honest.”
Jennifer L., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Great interaction with his patients. Front office staff was very nice. Thanks!”
Patient, Review on Zocdoc.com

“Dr. Zaks was great, I would recommend him!”
Julie B., Review on Zocdoc.com

“He was amazing! he made me feel calm about my situation. i have a major fear of needles and i barely felt it when i got it.”
Carolyn C., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Boris Zaks, MD, was very confident and self assured. I appreciated the time he spent with me going in depth with ALL of my options and am extremely confident that he will accomplished what I have asked of him.”
Patient, Review on Zocdoc.com

“Dr. Zaks is great. He always gives me all my options, he’s knowledgeable, honest and professional.”
Maria V., Review on Zocdoc.com

“Clean facility, welcoming staff and a thorough yet time efficient MD.”
patient, Review on Zocdoc.com

“I have been going to Dr. Zaks for oer 4 years. His outstanding skill, great bedside manner, warm personality, and artistry with Botox make me come back again and again!”
Leslie V., Review on Zocdoc.com

“I highly recommend him! Dr. Zaks is a “magician”! After Dr. Zaks’ last reatment for acne, I finally have my clear face again!!! Thanks so much and God bless!”
Susan V., Review on Zocdoc.com

“I had Rosacea on my face for over 10 years. Dr. Zaks quickly reduced this embarrassing condition. Nobody else could help me. He’s the best Dermatologist in LA hands down!”
Cindy M., Review on Zocdoc.com

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