Acne Scarring

Smoothing away the reminders of Acne

Acne scars are painful reminders of a period in your life you’d rather forget.

Acne and the resultant scarring are two of the most psychologically distressing conditions a person can endure. Treating acne early will help prevent or minimize scarring and the treatment of existing acne scars helps alleviate anguish and embarrassment.


Beverly Hills Acne

“Even after my acne went away, there was no way I could forget about it because my face was a mess of red scars. Dr. Zaks suggested I have Vbeam laser and boy, am I glad I did. When I go to class now I don’t feel like I have to hide. It’s a great feeling.” Chris M.


How Vbeam works to reduce redness

Vbeam works by the absorption of laser light by a “target”. In the case of acne scarring, this target is the tiny inflamed and broken blood vessel groupings left after an acne lesion has healed. In most people who have experienced moderate to severe acne this redness persists for months to over a year and is the cause of great distress.

The small vessels are heated to a high enough temperature to cause coagulation. They then close off, shrink and eventually are absorbed by the body. To protect the skin while still allowing the laser light to penetrate to the “target” vessels, the Vbeam incorporates a special cooling device.


Clinical Study Results for Vbeam for acne scar redness

Consistent with Dr. Zaks’ success using the Vbeam for acne scars, a study of 200 patients showed the following results-

“All patients benefited from a 30-50% reduction in the post-acne redness after the first treatment. After three or four treatments, a reduction in redness of 75-90% was achieved. In a number of patients, the post-acne redness disappeared altogether.”


Acne Reduction – an additional benefit

Vbeam helps destroy the bacteria that causes acne, as well as the diffuse redness and swelling that often comes along with the condition. When Vbeam is used for acne scar treatments, those with active acne receive the extra boost in clearing skin.


One of Dermatology’s most versatile and important lasers

The Vbeam laser is one of the more important lasers used in Dermatology today. The ability to quickly minimize redness associated with acne scarring and many other vascular conditions such as spider veins or Rosacea has been a technological breakthrough appreciated by people of all ages. Dr. Zaks finds the most profoundly grateful patients are acne scar sufferers.

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