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  • Do you peer in the mirror each morning and play little face games?
  • Do you find yourself raising your brows, smiling wider, stretching wrinkles, pursing your lips, or lifting the droopy corners that weren’t there last month?
  • Are you exhausted from trying every TV promise out there to stop your acne and wonder “why me?”

Who doesn’t find something they don’t like about the face in the mirror each morning? It’s human nature to want to look your best. Even royalty and celebrities find themselves sitting across from Dr. Zaks seeking the fix for that blemish, that sag or that brown spot.

Boris Zaks, M.D., having worked alongside several of the world's renowned dermatologists, has shaped a uniquely innovative approach in treating any skin problem you may have. He was recently called a "Rock Star Dermatologist" and one of the "Best Dermatologists in Southern California" by Glamour Magazine (November 2011). Please click here to read the article. He has been featured as a Green Star Pro in Elle Magazine (May 2014) on as well as in the Los Angeles Times. Through cosmetic and medical dermatology, laser surgery and powerful combination treatment options, Dr. Zaks quickly and effectively helps you see dramatic improvements in the appearance and health of your skin.

Dr. Zaks is well known for his particular expertise is in designing anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-rosacea treatments with exceptional success and optimum cosmetic elegance. These particular conditions need specialized non-harsh therapies in order to be successful with minimal side effects. Over-treatment or overly aggressive treatment can backfire. Dr. Zaks makes sure that doesn’t happen to his patients.

Dr. Zaks received his training and graduated with highest honors from UCLA School of Medicine. This prestigious medical background ensures that you’ll get the expert solutions you deserve. He is Board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is frequently noted in magazines and interviewed by the media to discuss the latest developments in Dermatology. Often interviewed by the media, he was most recently featured in the April 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine. He discussed some "skin care secrets" of some of his celebrity patients. More recently, Dr. Zaks was hired by Johnson and Johnson to appear as a spokesperson for their Korres Skin Care line. Please click this sentence for a clip of the commercial.

Dermatologist Beverly Hills

Dr. Zaks is featured as a "Top Dermatologist" in
Angeleno Magazine. They noted that he is known for "innovative treatments for Acne, Aging and Rosacea are administered with good old-fashioned attention.. Dr. Zaks along with 21 other dermatologists in the country were selected by Shop, Etc. as buzzed-about beauty destinations. They also highlighted Dr. Zaks. exceptional skill in performing Laser and Botox procedures.

The most common medical condition that Dr. Zaks treats is Acne. His comprehensive approach may include Photodynamic Therapy which will help restore your natural, radiant skin without the signs of acne. This treatment, which can consist of a combination of blue light and laser, significantly diminishes your need for oral medications.

His cutting-edge research in technology at UCLA initiated his interest and involvement in Laser Dermatology. He has the latest proven lasers to treat Acne & Acne Scars , Facial Blood Vessels Rosacea , Unwanted Hair , Wrinkles , Age and Brown Spots & Sun Damage , and Loose Facial Skin . These laser procedures provide tremendous results with little downtime. All laser procedures are performed personally by Dr. Zaks.

Dr. Zaks' main concern is that you receive an individualized skin treatment program that eliminates your problems without unnecessary side effects. This is attained by having one-on-one care with good old fashioned personal attention from Dr. Zaks himself.

As a sought-after expert in the successful use of Botox , he has trained many physicians in how to implement his unique technique in treating their own patients. Many of his patients refer to him as "the Botox artist". Wrinkles in the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes are painlessly reduced. The results are night & day differences with no downtime or pain.

One particularly exciting use of Botox is the non-surgical Brow Lift. This procedure elevates the brow and can also elevate droopy eyelid skin. He has helped countless patients avoid unnecessary plastic surgery with this procedure.

Another well-appreciated application of Botox Cosmetic is in the treatment for excessive underarm sweating , which has been recently FDA approved. The Botox Cosmetic is non-diluted and prepared in such a way as to be completely painless!

Rejuvenating Peels are excellent treatment for the prevention of aging skin and acne. Light Peels offer quick treatments that help improve skin texture and minimize fine lines. Cosmelan treats patchy brown hyperpigmentation.

Your Health is Vital; Start with your Skin. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends yearly skin checks to examine moles and remove unusual ones that are often overlooked by patients. Dr. Zaks participated in a Skin Cancer Screening Event in association with the AAD and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since we live in Southern California with its almost year-round high exposure to the sun, skin checks are especially important. Dr. Zaks has recently written an article regarding the early warning signs of skin cancer and the signs that make certain lesions more suspicious than others.

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Dr. Boris Zaks, a Board Certified Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California. He treats patients for a variety of medical skin conditions and offers cosmetic dermatology to the surrounding communities in Los Angeles, Encino, Westwood, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Dr. Zaks is expertly skilled in treating Teen and Adult Acne, Rosacea, Spider Veins, Facial Aging, and Sun Damage. Skill in the natural-looking placement of wrinkle and line fillers such as Restylane make him a favorite of patients who want to avoid an artificial appearance. From the Botox Brow Lift to Acne Scars to Resistant Acne, Dr. Zaks takes the extra time that makes the difference for his patients.