Vbeam Aesthetica

A dual-effect laser for “red” and “brown” on the skin

Vascular lasers quickly eliminate redness caused by Rosacea and small broken blood vessels. The technology behind the Aesthetica Laser from Candela handles redness AND brown pigmentation and does so with a minimal chance of bruising.

How? Micropulse technology spreads the laser energy into very small packets to dramatically lessen the potential for bruising. One of the primary drawbacks of older vascular lasers was the attendant bruising which was particularly unwelcome on the face.

  • Redness and Pigmentation on the face, arms, chest, hands
  • Sun-induced “freckles” or brownspots
  • Liver or age spots
  • Facial flushing
  • Rosacea
  • Telangecstasia
  • Angioma

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“This is so much better. The last treatment I had at another office left me bruised for almost 2 weeks. Thank you Dr. Zaks.” Marlene S.

What makes Vbeam Aesthetic micropulse better?

Aesthetica Vbeam uses a cutting edge laser technology that breaks up the laser energy pulse into super-fast bursts spread over the target area. This pulse separation prevents much of the trauma that vascular lasers traditionally caused which often resulted in bruising. The small vessels receive the same amount of energy, but with a higher level of comfort and lower incidence of bruising or discoloration.

Vascular lasers use laser heat to coagulate small red vessels regardless of the root cause – which might be Rosacea, sun damage or skin trauma.

The Aesthetica laser also decreases accumulated pigment that shows up as brown patches on the face, body and hands. By using a special compression handpiece brown pigment can be removed without adversely causing bruising.

By having a dual action laser, patients don’t need to move from one treatment room to another, nor does the doctor need to perform entirely separate procedures. In just a single appointment, Dr. Zaks can quickly treat skin discoloration whether red or brown. Although primarily a laser treatment for pigment or vessel reduction, the Aesthetica laser also provides a modest level of fine wrinkle reduction as well. This is often a side benefit with treatment or can be used for this purpose alone.

The Vbeam Esthetica also provides patients with the advantages of Candela’s “Dynamic Cooling Device” which cools the skin just milliseconds both before and after the laser pulse. This cooling mechanism protects the surface skin and makes the treatment far more comfortable – and much faster.

Candela has been the vascular laser leader for many years. Dr. Zaks’ choice in laser technology is based on knowing what works best for his patients and investing in the most efficient and also the most patient-friendly lasers available. The Aesthetica Laser has improved performance both in results and speed.

More pronounced spider veins will sometimes respond faster to Vbeam laser treatments. Dr. Zaks will advise you which procedure will work best for you.

At Superior Beverly Hills Dermatology Clinic, Inc., Dr. Zaks performs all light and laser treatments personally to ensure that the procedure is performed in the safest manner possible. This is especially important in ethnic skin as darker skin can more easily become hyperpigmented by incorrect settings or technique.

Aesthetica Vbeam Laser for:

  • Surface pigmentation on the face
  • Facial spider veins
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Cherry Angioma
  • Pigmentation on the hands
  • Redness and pigmentation on the chest
  • Fine wrinkle reduction

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