Controlling Acne – A Comprehensive Anti-Acne Program

Acne – without a doubt – is a teenager’s most despised problem. Acne pimples, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads can ravage a young person’s skin and destroy self-esteem. The best time to begin acne treatment is as soon as it becomes evident. Acne usually progressively worsens if untreated. Prevention and control is preferred – before acne has had a chance to take over and cause scarring and psychological damage.

Acne affects approximately 80% of the population. It’s an inherited skin condition that is controlled by prescription medications, hormone therapy, topical products, light therapy such as Blue Light and in the more difficult cases, the use of Photo Dynamic Therapy. (Featured in Glamour Magazine)

Acne Affected Areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Face

Acne Los Angeles

Acne is not just a teen’s disease. Many adults well into their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s still suffer from outbreaks. It is never a good idea to “wait” for acne to go away. In some instances irreversible scarring takes place which becomes costly to even improve.

“If I had known about Dr. Zaks 2 years ago, I could have skipped all this time feeling ugly and embarrassed. I thought I was doing something wrong. Dr. Zaks set me up on a program for controlling my acne.” Jason L.

A Special Acne Doctor

Dr. Zaks’ experience with the treatment of acne had special beginnings.

Working with several of the world’s renowned dermatologists, he discovered early in his entry into dermatology what works and what doesn’t.

Acne is a serious problem and it is never taken lightly or dismissed as a passing condition. As a patient of Dr. Zaks’, your acne problems, regardless of severity, are treated with individualized anti-acne programs that work as quickly and as effectively as possible.

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Why do I get acne?

The “cause” of acne is a little bacteria called P. Acnes. This bacteria grows quickly when no oxygen is present. The reason some people have acne and others don’t is that a person with acne has skin cells that don’t slough off at a normal rate. (The skin cell turnover of a person with acne tendencies is much slower than normal.) This slow turnover rate allows pores to become clogged with natural oils. The more oil your sebaceous glands produce, the more acne has a chance to show up. A plug forms and the little P. Acnes bacteria start to multiply. If nothing interferes with this bacteria growth, a pimple or cyst forms.

Basic attack plan of acne treatments:

  • Increase cell turnover to keep pores from clogging
  • Introduce oxygen into the pore to stop the bacteria growth
  • Use antibiotics to kill and control bacteria
  • Slow down natural oil production
  • Specific Treatments for different levels of Acne

I. Very mild acne can often be treated successfully with non prescription acne-fighting preparations and special cleansers. Because acne skin is sensitive skin, it is important to use products that don’t throw your already wounded skin into deeper distress. Dr. Zaks recommends certain acne-formulation cleansers, toners, moisturizers, spot treatments and sunscreens for acne-affected skin.

II. Mild to Mid-Moderate Acne may need additional treatment resources such as oral and/or topical antibiotics, hormone therapy or Blue Light Acne Treatment. Blue Light is a simple pain-free non-medical light based treatment. The Blue Light kills the acne bacteria and can keep your skin blemish free for long periods of time following initial treatment series.
Discover how Blue Light Acne Treatment works.

III. Moderate to Severe Acne may not respond to normal measures and in some cases resistance to antibiotics renders them useless. A breakthrough acne treatment procedure called Photo Dynamic Therapy is now an effective measure for controlling resistant acne that includes cysts and painful inflammation. Photo Dynamic Therapy is a two-part procedure utilizing a special solution that is absorbed by the acne cells followed by a light which activates the bacteria-killing power of the solution.
Discover how Photo Dynamic Therapy works for more severe acne.

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Myths about Acne

  • Acne is caused by poor hygiene – Not so. Keeping your skin clean is of course important, but overly vigorous washing will only cause more oil production and aggravate your condition.
  • Acne is caused by stress – Not so. But stress can definitely worsen acne.
  • Acne is cause by diet – There’s no evidence to prove any correlation between diet and acne. However, there has been some speculation that removing dairy products from your diet makes a difference.
  • Acne is just cosmetic and therefore not serious – Anyone with acne knows this is not so. The emotional impact is very serious. Acne scars are a result of skin damage.
  • Acne will go away on it’s own – Acne can be cleared. Delaying or ignoring treatment options can cause permanent skin damage and prolonged psychological suffering.

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