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Dysport® is one of the newest advances in Cosmetic Dermatology. What most people don’t know is just how many different uses it actually has. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, Dysport® has proven its ability to treat the following indications:


Dysport® Vs Glabellar lines (“11 lines”)

Glabellar lines are the vertical lines between the brows resembling the number 11, that show up on our frowned face. Two main facial muscles of the upper face, the “corrugator” and the “procerus” tend to contract resulting in the formation of glabellar lines between the eyebrows. When we stop frowning, these lines disappear.


Before and After Dysport®

Dysport® Overview

Dysport® in the right hands has spectacular results. Injected “just so” into frown and worry lines, you can look years younger, happier, less tense and more confident. Dysport® injections are extremely quick and performed with a tiny needle. Most patients liken it to a light pinch. Effects are apparent in a matter of a couple of days and last 4 to 6 months. Dysport® is a purified protein that has the capability of preventing unwanted muscle action. The way Dysport® works is similar to the idea of putting a cut-off switch between an electrical cord and a lamp. Electrical energy must reach the lamp before the light comes on. Muscles work the same way by receiving signals from the nerves. If you’re angry, your nerves signal your frown muscles to contract. Dysport® simply stops that signal from getting through by acting as a cut-off switch. Many people have habits of frowning they are unaware of. This causes a perpetual tense or angry look. People may ask what you are worried about or mad about when you are neither. By using Dysport® to stop that “worry signal” from getting through, you lose the frown and the worry lines.


Dysport® Brow Lift

The Dysport® Brow Lift, one of Dr. Zaks’ specialties, is accomplished by stopping the action of selected downward-pulling muscles to allow the upward-pulling muscles to raise the brow. The brow is lifted, more of the eyelid is shown and the entire look is one of a more youthful face. The results can be quite close to those of a surgical brow lift.


Dysport® and Wrinkle Fillers – Kissing Cousins

There is a synergistic relationship between Dysport® and wrinkles fillers such as Restylane . By restricting muscle activity, dermal fillers last longer. And by using dermal fillers, the Dysport® effects are prolonged as well. Hand-in-hand they are ideal companion treatments as each boosts the effect of the other.


Why some Dysport® users look “strange”

Inexperience can lead to a blank or plastic look form an overuse of Dysport®. Dr. Zaks understands that too much of a good thing is not better. Only by careful analysis can a physician determine how much Dysport® will effectively give the results you want and still not over-do the procedure. The ideal result is one that allows natural expression while still relaxing certain muscles.


Dr. Zaks Will Make Sure You Look Great

Dr. Zaks will ask you to squint, frown, smile and even contort your face to see what your muscle intensity is. This is important in determining both placement and amount. You will never be rushed through your appointments and your injections are only administered by Dr. Zaks personally, not a nurse or physician’s aide.


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