Photo Dynamic Therapy for Rosacea

Controlling Rosacea Acne

Rosacea frequently brings with it a form of Acne that is best treated differently from acne that has no association with Rosacea. Acne from Rosacea will present itself with facial erythema (redness), papules, pustules, and flushing. Typical acne products or control programs may not reduce the occurrence of Rosacea Acne to the level desired and in some instances may make it worse.

Over the counter products may inflame and irritate your skin rather than improve the condition. Acne from Rosacea should be treated medically not only to control breakouts but to prevent irreversible skin thickening and scarring.

Dr. Zaks has found that the implementation of Photo Dynamic Therapy in conjunction with other carefully chosen treatments will in some cases be the most exact choice in achieving effective results.

  • Acne Control
  • Flushing Reduction
  • Redness Reduction
  • Smoother Skin Tone
  • Acne Scar Prevention


Acne Beverly Hills – Rosacea

Photodynamic Therapy, often referred to as PDT, is a 2-step procedure.

Step 1: The first step is the application of the light-absorbing agent Levulan. This liquid is left on your skin for 45-60 minutes while it very selectively sinks into pimples, acne cysts and the overactive sebaceous glands that feed acne bacteria. The absorption of the Levulan essentially turns the acne and oil glands into “targets” for the next step – light.

Step 2: The unabsorbed Levulan is removed from your skin and you are placed under a special blue light. This light is drawn to the “targets”, strong oxygen radicals are formed and the bacteria responsible for the acne is killed.

Levulan is a “smart” solution. It is only absorbed by abnormal cells such as those in acne conditions, pre-cancerous actinic keratoses, and sun damage. It is the selectivity of this solution in targeting only bad cells that allows such quick success in restoring skin to a healthy normal condition.

Your PDT Acne Rosacea treatments are precisely customized for your level of severity. Dr. Zaks sets high standards for acceptable treatment outcomes.

“Selective and effective therapy for Acne Rosacea is almost always found only in a combination treatment approach.”

The severity of your acne condition will determine the number of treatments you will need to arrive at your optimal improvement level. A single maintenance treatment may be required from time to time to keep your skin clear.

Photodynamic Acne Rosacea Therapy is a clinically researched and dependable treatment with impressive results.

Short term post-treatment side effects can include reddening of the skin, some mild peeling and sun-sensitivity. Please note that for the first 48 hours after a PDT treatment you must stay out of the sun.

On the day of your treatment, Dr. Zaks will personally perform your PDT procedure. Your treatment is done in a very unique way in order to minimize any side effects.

Your treatment will be performed only in the later afternoon or early evening. Once it is dark outside, you will be able to leave the office. By scheduling Photodynamic Therapy late in the day, your are protected from UV light exposure, thus minimizing side effects to typically only 1-3 days of mild facial pinkness and very light flaking.

If this procedure is performed during daytime hours and you leave the clinic, you will get an “overdose” of light therapy from the sun. This will result in about a week of downtime: significant redness, burning, and peeling. Dr. Zaks’ method for PDT is exceptionally unique and allows for very quick healing, minimal downtime, and little if any discomfort.

He feels strongly that this procedure should only be done later in the day in order for you to have only minimal side effects such as mild facial pinkness only. Please call our office (310-552-3376) to schedule a consultation for this revolutionary treatment.
Dr. Zaks has a well-respected reputation within the Los Angeles Dermatology community as having particular expertise with severe acne and Rosacea acne. His success in his treatment for Rosacea patients has made him one of the most sought-after Dermatologists in the country.

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