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Boris Zaks, M.D.

435 N. Roxbury Drive
Suite 408
Beverly Hills, CA 90210



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American Board of Dermatology certified
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Acne Causes and treatments of adolescent and adult acne
Blu-Light Acne Treatment Light based therapy for acne control
Acne Scars Reduction and Minimization for scars resulting from acne on the face, neck, chest and back
Photodynamic Therapy Special combination therapy for severe or cystic acne


Titan Light-Based Skin Tightening
Restylane Wrinkle and Line Filler
Restylane FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Botox Dyamic Muscle Relaxation (Frown Lines)
Chemical Peels Rejuvenation of aging and sun damaged and pigmented skin
Aesthetica Vbeam new laser for pigmentation and vessels

Brown Spots

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for brown spots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Cosmelan Topical de-pigmentation treatment
Aesthetica Vbeam new laser for pigmentation and vessels

Sun Damage

Sun Damage Treatment for brown spots, skin roughness, wrinkles, dehydration
Chemical Peels Treatment for rough dull skin, hyperpigmentation and light wrinkles
PDT Chemical and Light combination treatment for more severe sun damage and actinic keratoses


Rosacea Treatment for facial flushing and pustules
Rosacea Acne Special treatment
Vbeam Laser removal of spider veins
PDT Chemical and Light Treatment used for renewing skin surface
Aesthetica Vbeam new laser for pigmentation and vessels

Other Treatments

Medical Conditions Non-cosmetic skin conditions such as rashes, skin infections, fungal conditions
Hyperhidrosis Medical treatment for excessive sweating
Spider Veins Treatment for small broken veins on the legs and face
Skin Cancer Detection and biopsy of potential cancer of the skin
Media Publications, audio and video of dermatological skin treatments


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Dr. Boris Zaks, a Board Certified Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California. He treats patients for a variety of medical skin conditions and offers cosmetic dermatology to the surrounding communities in Los Angeles, Encino, Westwood, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Dr. Zaks is expertly skilled in treating Teen and Adult Acne, Rosacea, Spider Veins, Facial Aging, and Sun Damage. Skill in the natural-looking placement of wrinkle and line fillers such as Restylane make him a favorite of patients who want to avoid an artificial appearance. From the Botox Brow Lift to Acne Scars to Resistant Acne, Dr. Zaks takes the extra time that makes the difference for his patients.