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Questions and Answers about Restylane by Dr. Boris Zaks

Restylane Injection FAQs

LA restylane

LA Restylane

Q. I've heard that Restylane injections hurt more than any other filler. Is this true?

A. If not properly prepped, yes, Restylane can be quite a painful procedure in the lip area. Restylane is not formulated with lidocaine as collagen and cosmoderm are, making it fairly uncomfortable for lip augmentation. For this reason I always offer my patients a lip block which is similar the same numbing you receive from the dentist. This makes the product injections painless. Other areas only require a numbing cream.

Q. What about swelling?

A. Restylane will cause some swelling when used in the lips almost for certain. The reason is that there is such a high concentration of the hyaluronic acid. This concentration is what makes Restylane last so long, so most patients are willing to have a little puffiness for a few days as a trade off for the longer effects. If the puffiness is more than mild, it can be easily handled with a quick cortisone injection.

Q. How long does Restylane really last?

A. That depends on a number of factors:

The amount used. Too little and you won't get a good effect. The right amount may seem at first like "too much" but this is because the hyaluronic acid binds water and plumps up immediately after injection.

Your level of muscle movement. Active locations such as smile lines and lip areas don't last as long as wrinkles on the forehead or cheek.

Average longevity for my patients is between 6 to 9 months. If you come in on a regular basis before your Restylane is completely gone, you will not need as much to maintain the look you want.

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Q. Can I "mix" fillers?

A. Absolutely. Restylane layers fantastically with Cosmoderm. The Restylane handles the heavier wrinkles and Cosmoderm the finer ones. They make a perfect blend. Cosmoderm will not last quite as long, but when it's placed over the cushion of Restylane it will last longer than just by itself.

Q. I'm concerned that my lips might look too big. How can I avoid that?

A. By choosing the right dermatologist! Beauty can be marred by "over-doing" anything. Lip augmentation is an art and requires not only a knowledge of anatomy and muscle function, but a sense of perspective. A balanced lip size is the goal. When I'm injecting Restylane, I'm very particular about making sure I first know exactly what you want and that you know what will look best.

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Q. How do I know if Restylane is the right choice for me?

A. That's part of my job. I'll recommend the best product for the concerns you have, tell you what to expect and then you can choose. I always educate my patients and explain exactly why a particular product may or may not be the best choice. I personally love the way Restylane works and so do my patients.

Dr. Boris Zaks

Restylane is manufactured in Sweden by Q-Med Esthetics and provided to the U.S. market by Medicis.



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